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Top 10 Websites To Learn Photography For Free

Today,Photgraphy has become a passion and profession for many.Here at technolact we have given name of websites where you can learn photography for free.So go ahead and learn photography only from top 10 websites.



The man behind this photography school is Mr. Darren Brown. This site may be a little basic to advanced digital camera users but fantastic and really help full for novice and semi experienced digital camera users. This site gives its tutorials on the following concepts:

Top 10 photography tips and techniques

  • How to photo shoot an adventure trip.
  • How to shoot landscapes.
  • How to use digital camera and equipment. And lots more.


It is a must bookmark site for all the photography learners. It gives its users a quality and interactive learning. The tools it provides to users to calculate certain parameters in photography distinguishes it from the remaining. This site gives its tutorials on the following concepts:

  • Concepts and terminology.
  • Using the camera equipment.
  • Editing and post-processing.
  • Color management and printing.
  • Photography techniques and style.


This is an online academic society where you can get free online courses taught by expert tutors from top universities. In this site you can get one on one or group teaching. This site offers its courses as.

  • Beginners’ photography.
  • Photography insight.
  • Graphics/photography.


Jodie Coston is a freelancer. Apart from online courses it also exhibits the photographs freely contributed by many artists and can be used in creative projects by visitors to this site. Jodie Coston 10 lessons to photography are:-

  • Composition and impact.
  • Aperture and shutter speed.
  • The lens-choosing camera optics.
  • Iso, grain, transparency vs negative, speciality films.
  • Fun effects-camera filters, soft focus, zooming and panning.
  • Landscape, nature and travel photography.
  • Portraits and studio lighting.
  • Studio lighting-still life and product photography.
  • Trying it all together
  • Special requests.


This site gives its tutorials on basic lighting techniques , how to capture different kinds of pictures, how different products work with vivid videos. It provides the following tutorials.

  • Basic lighting.
  • Indoor portrait.
  • Outdoor portrait.
  • Products/still life.
  • How photoflex equipment works.
  • Global lessons.


If you are a greenhorn to photography this is the best place to expertise. Here you can fine a wide range of tutorials wherein you can browse in alphabetical order which helps you to grab the most of it. This site has different tutorials right from basics of photography to quizzes.


This site contributes the most to photography seekers where it gives its complete guidance in all the fields of photography. Some among those wide range of tutorials are

  • Camera controls, modes, white balance.
  • Iso, sensitivity, exposure, resolution, image file formats.
  • Lens basics, focusing basics, focusing modes, lens filters.
  • Camera flash types, high speed synch flash, low speed synch flash, board reflectors, flash accessories, light meters.
  • Image sensor cleaning, camera lens cleaning, lens fungus cleaning.


This is the best site to learn for busy scheduled people. This site provides the best interactive sessions and it is timely updated. It provides its users to compete in various photography contests to win exciting prices. It gives its tutorials on the following contents

  • Better photography 101.
  • Creative composition.
  • Lightening and exposure. And lots more


This site teaches online lessons for free to click fabulous pictures. This site emphasizes more about the common mistakes committed and thus helps you to create ‘the’ moments in your photograph. It also provides assignments to the seekers to refine their skills timely. This site provides its tutorials on the following:-

  • Basic photography lessons.
  • Holiday photography.
  • Photography lighting.
  • Composition and lot more.


It talks all about using artificial lighting techniques in your photography. This also provides a mine of ebooks. some of the tutorials are.

  • A guide to lighting indoor sports.
  • Lighting 101/102.
  • An assignment called class room to real world.


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