Monday, December 8, 2014

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Get Wished By Google On Your Birthday

Everybody loves google.Google is the best search engine.Earlier,the search engine world was dominated by Yahoo ,but after google came with its new search algorithm,people started loving it.Thus,google started dominating search engine world. After dominating as search engine ,Google started Doodles for entertaining people. There are Doodles on google for every new event.Whether it is some scientist or mathematician's birthday or festival ,Google Designed Beautiful Doodles for all.

Recently ,Google announced the birthday surprise , explaining that the special doodle will appear on google if you add your birthday to your Google Profile and are signed in to the service on the Birthday.

You can then click on the birthday logo to see your Google Profile, which will be loaded out with virtual streamers, a cupcake and a "Happy Birthday" message from Google.Mainly done by the Google to encourage more Google users to claim and fill out their Google Profiles.


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